Monarch Motion & Media is hired to produce a video for a new bakery in the area. After meeting with the client, we uncover that the client’s main goal is to promote brand awareness and attract new clients to their store.

After working closely with the client to develop an engaging video concept, we began the script to screen process.  We create a dynamic looking video and the client can’t wait to load it onto their website and social media.  After 30 days, we analyze the video metrics and uncover something strange.  Although there are an increasing amount of views, viewer engagement began to drop off around 25 seconds into the video. After further analysis, we find out that the baker advertised buying their sugar from a local vendor. After digging a bit deeper, we discovered that this local vendor has an unsavory history within the community.  The displeasure with this vendor, caused viewers to stop watching the video, which ultimately impacted the effectiveness of the video. This was especially harmful because the client placed a free coffee and doughnut offer at the end of the video. Viewers never made it to the call to action.

The client calls Monarch Motion & Media to discuss the issue.  We are able to remove that section of the video with an inexpensive edit. The client uploads the new video and immediately realizes that the average engagement improves over the next few days and that people are showing up at their doors for a free coffee and a tour!

Had the client jumped into the process without a plan, it would have been almost impossible to identify a simple weakness that would have resulted in loss of time and money. The client most likely would have spent more money on another video, never knowing that a simple inexpensive edit could have solved the problem. There is even a good chance that they could have repeated the same mistake. Alternatively, we could have also re-shot that one particular section of the video, still saving the client from having to reproduce and entire video.








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