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Are Your Videos Targeting the Right Audience?

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

In video marketing, it is essential to find the right audience first. If you have targeted the right audience then you will get the best ROI (return on investment). So the real question is… are your videos targeting the right audience?

To ensure if you are targeting the right audience for your video marketing campaign, there are a few things that you need to be sure of. First of all, determine who your product is for. After that, figure out the motive of your video, then create an action plan to reach your targeted audience.

To know more about video marketing and how you can find the right audience, we will need to dig a little deeper. So let’s get started.

1. Determine Who Your Product is For.

Most business owners already know the answer to this question. The first step for a successful video marketing campaign is to create a perfect buyer’s persona for your product. An ideal buyer persona helps to determine your targeted audience after analyzing a few factors.

These factors usually consist of: the buyer’s age, profession, interest, goals, daily routine, hobbies, interests, and extras. With these factors, you can analyze the problems faced by your buyer daily. With that knowledge, you can determine how your product is going to change their everyday life.

So, first things first, create an ideal buyer persona for your product or service. You can create more than one buyer’s persona, keeping in mind that there may be other people who will require your product as well.

2. What is the Motive of your Video?

The main goal or motive of your video plays a vital part in determining your ideal targeted audience. If you want to find new clients to get more sales, you need to create a clear motive for your videos.

Focus on providing information to your ideal audience by pointing out their pain points. After that, present an answer for their problems in your video. You have to be clear regarding your product and service. You should utilize the buyer’s persona of your product to aid you in finding consumer’s pain points.

3. Create an Action Plan: How to Reach Your Target Audience.

While researching and creating your buyer’s persona, you might also come across the preferred means of communication of your audience. Some people prefer communication through email, while some like social media. Include this point in your action plan.

Next, you should determine the age of your ideal audience. This can be done by using different social media analytics tools provided by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In most cases, these are free tools, but it may be worth it to shell out a few bucks for this precious data.

Use the best means to reach your targeted audience. Use paid advertising to find new customers on video sites such as YouTube. You can also use SEO to get new clients through organic traffic as well. Be sure to use the appropriate keywords and tags in the titles and descriptions of your videos. This is also known as “metadata”. Metadata helps the algorithms of search engines to organize content and expose it to targeted audiences. Whenever a user types a keyword into a search engine, the algorithm crawls the internet, searching for and extracting relevant metadata from available video content.

Using the right keywords will help the algorithm find your video content and match them to a user’s search query. If you don't utilize metadata in your video content properly, the algorithm will never find your videos, consequently, your video content will have no chance of reaching your targeted audience.

Why does all this matter? Knowing how and what your target audience is searching for is crucial when developing your video content. Developing video content that resonates with your target audience’s interests and search habits increases the chance for your video to be effective and drive results.

At Monarch Motion & Media, we make this a part of our process. We use the data as a guide to video content creation. A video without a sound strategy behind it will never be visible.

If you are looking for creative, great-looking video content that drives results, be sure to connect with us today!


Remember, a camera doesn’t have vision, but we do!


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